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Ever dreamed of running your own center, being a wellness practitioner or running a private practice? Ever wanted to serve people in your area or around the world and make a marked difference in the world? You can become a licensee partner of The Center and use all our resources to help grow your business and heal your clients. Coach, counsel, market, be a life coach, refer or promote. Do our 12 week course and live making your vocation your vacation. Save years of foundational work and thousands by partnering directly with us and working together to create new, improved and more effective products to a broader worldwide audience. email and join the family today being a breathing, living and loving solution to the worlds issues today.

Build your own rehabilitation, private practice, coaching or wellness centre.

Get the resources and training for life to help you help other people heal, grow and transform their lives. Very few people consider that without a proper package, world-class course work and training people will not easily purchase your services. You have to be the best and give the best. This is what our partner network is designed to do.

Examples of business’s that would benefit from becoming licensed partners with us include Drug Rehab Centers, Wellness Centers, Counselors and all manner and types of therapeutic healing practitioners. If you have decided that you want to help people heal, grow, recover and enrich their lives, ours is the growing network to join.


Center for Healing and Life Transformation provides a broad range of services to people from all walks of life. Spreading information, hope and love takes a network of people, a truck load of time and a heart full of dedication.

Donations are always appreciated in general or for specific projects. We have the knowledge, resources and the decades of exeperience but most of the life changing magic can only happen through working together.

Addict Recovery Packs Donate recovery packs in any denominations. The need is absolutely massive. R550 per Addiction Treatment or Depression and Anxiety starter pack to get someone started on the recovery journey of being clean. We receive about 1000 request a week for help that we can do little about without your help.Suicide prevention packs are in development and may not reach the desired respondent without your help.


If you have any resources available that may contribute to peoples lives, spreading the word or otherwise, please get in touch. Together we can change the ideology that these diseases are an incurable curse. Mental health and addictions are highly treatable. Let us teach people that they Don’t have to stay stuck!

Do you feel inspired to make a difference in your community?

Become a teacher. Learn – Become an addiction or Wellness Healer and Teacher. Be certified by the centre after completing a 12 week intensive program. Then decide if you want to create your own business within our network structure. Support yourself, work from home and be your own boss, backed by our network of resources.

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