Keep Connected and Growing



Choose the option that best suits you to keep you connected to the people, the work and the benefits

68 % more chance of successful treatment is what the APA research says. Simple.

We want you to continue growing abundantly with your mind opened, your hearts awakened and re-united with family, friends, ourselves and all that is sacred to you. We hope for deep inner immersion together, as we bear a whole new level of love and joy, appreciation, compassion, connection and excitement along with a deep desire for you to contribute to your life, business, community and world…and perhaps beyond. Let’s do this…Gassho and Blessings.

Full Package Monthly

4-12 weeks suggested. Continue or start your course work in the areas that you need to grow in. 2 group sessions a week with the Center’s Counselors, all course work, recovery support and guidance. 1-2 online groups per week dependent on availability. * 3 months recommended for aftercare and new clients. Work, Sessions and Groups offered here are highly advised.

R9500 per month

Connection Package Monthly

One counselling session a week with all course work, recovery support and guidance. Online group Thursdays. Audios, visuals etc.

R5200 per month

Additional counselling sessions to add R750, some of which are covered by medical aid. Additional online groups R300 weekly. Mindfulness group Wednesday evenings R200 per mindfulness group.

Annual Connection

Stay connected to the exclusive content offered by Mark and the team. Be a part of our Whatsapp content, audio and visual content weekly by Mark, movies, videos, readings. No groups or sessions. These you can add on the months you need them.

R1900 per year


Online Groups Only and Counseling are continuously available. Simply email us and we will get back to you with prices and info as well as group and session times immediately

Learn the art of doing a 180 degree turn around into socially balanced, healthy living and being your purpose! Work on your physiology, psychology, emotions and spiritual aspects of yourself.


Everyone is welcome to do aftercare or extended care at the Center. It is our firm belief that half your annual holiday should be spent on mind, body and soul connection work. Whenever you feel stuck, lost, stressed or depleted, don’t hesitate to come straight to the center. For a week, month, year. Many accommodation options on and off site are available. Past clients receive major discounts for ‘annual refreshers’. Whatever you do Keep Connected. Make sure you have joined the Annual Connection program at a bare minimum and spend X amount of hours working on your sacred, spiritual self each week, wherever possible. This is the work. This is life’s true journey and it is wonderful!

I just woke up. Nothing is the same now. Everything changed as I changed and all is Well! I will never stop growing and learning and will always Keep Connected.


Don’t Stay Stuck ! Be the change.

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