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Come Heal With Us! Choose the right service for yourself and start your journey to emotional invincibility and balanced mental health today.

Inpatient Mental Health Center programs to help you heal from addictions, depression, anxiety, personality issues and dual diagnosis. Be the change!

Depression & Mental Health

Our depression treatment programs are run by our team of registered counsellors with decades of combined experience. There is no need to wait for rock bottom or a psychiatric hospital experience. Our consultant team of consultants are super-modern, highly experienced and determined in this field and have helped hundreds of people transform their lives through depression, trauma and stuckness.

Addictions & Dual Diagnosis

Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy) has spent 20 years helping people heal chronic addictions of all types. Our addiction treatment team have started top centers, and worked in the field successfully for many years. The Addiction Treatment programs don’t rely solely on 12 step and dual diagnosis treatment and the program has provided extraordinary results since its inception in 2012. A complexly unique, world-class recovery experience.

Trauma, Healing, Growth

Heal your life without having to stay stuck year after year in mental, physical or emotional crisis. There is no reason for anyone to remain drowning under the weight of personality disorders, trauma, anxiety, grief or loss. BPD and other personality disorders are treatable. Our programs are run by experienced specialists who deeply understand the science of mental health and the need for spiritual solutions to these debilitating life issues.

7 rehab treatment centers over 13 years and dozens of hours of therapy time Brough me to The Center in 2015. I am still engaged and have never looked back on the life I left behind for a joyful, peaceful and sober journey that is still unfolding for me and the family every single day! This program is so different I don’t know how to explain it.

Vince P

Don’t Stay Stuck. Come heal with us.

Mature, highly personalized therapy where privacy and personalization of your life changing process is paramount.

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