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The Center’s online meetings page. Everyone is Invited!

Welcome to The Center Online!

Here you will find your invitation to join various therapy sessions, groups or meetings with the Center online. Simply send an email and get started. We will send you your meeting access codes and times and you’ve started a therapy process at the next available time.

All you need to do is send us an email and you’re signed up to start connecting with us wherever you need to. Ongoing connection and therapy offers an estimated 68% more chance of sustainable success.

For more information email or call +27824424779

Connection is vital in today’s world to maintain mind body health.

Don’t Dream It. Be The Change You Want to See in the World

Choose the option that best suits you to keep you connected to the people, the work and the benefits

We want you to continue growing abundantly with your mind opened, your hearts awakened and re-united with family, friends, ourselves and all that is sacred to you. We hope for deep inner immersion together, as we bear a whole new level of love and joy, appreciation, compassion, connection and excitement along with a deep desire for you to contribute to your life, business, community and world…and perhaps beyond. Let’s do this…Gassho and Blessings.

Full Package Monthly

4-12 weeks suggested. Continue or start your course work in the areas that you need to grow in. 2 group sessions a week with the Center’s Counsellors, all course work, recovery support and guidance. 1-2 online groups per week dependent on availability. * 3 months recommended for aftercare and new clients. Work, Sessions and Groups offered here are highly advised. R4500 per month

Connection Package Monthly

One counselling session a week, all course work, recovery support and guidance. Online group Thursdays. Audios, visuals etc. R3200 per month

Additional counselling sessions to add R750, some of which are covered by medical aid. Additional online groups R300 weekly. Mindfulness group Wednesday evenings R200 per mindfulness group. Saturday Satsang’s group with Mark is only available on a package and will be included free.

Annual Connection

Stay connected to the exclusive content offered by Mark and the team. Be a part of our Whatsapp content, audio and visual content weekly by Mark, movies, videos, readings. No groups or sessions. These you can add on the months you need them.

R1900 per year


Online Groups Only and Counseling are continuously available. Simply email us and we will get back to you with prices and info as well as group and session times immediately

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