Drug Rehabilitation Centre Programs

One of the best private and alternative Drug Rehabilitation Centre Programs in the world, is run at our Center for Healing and Life Transformation which has been successfully helping people recover from addictions with extraordinary results since 2012. 

We provide a non-clinical environment with the top alternative, highly experienced addiction recovery experts in the field. Our team is made up of Mark, exceptional psychologists and life coaches, our very experienced specialist psychiatric doctor and a team of consultant specialist psychiatrists, chiropractors, mindfulness and wellness teachers etc . No loss of privacy. No big crowds at our luxury rehab centre. Just transformational healing and recovery at the highest international levels. Work the internationally acclaimed Paradigm Process™ of Addiction Recovery and change your entire life around from the ground up!

Drug Rehabilitation Centre Programs

What are alternative Drug Rehabilitation Centre Programs

If you go to rehab on medical aid you have a 100% chance of following a run of the mill addiction treatment program. Of course these programs do work and have a 5-20% success rate post 90 day treatment. However this style of drug rehab treatment by addiction counsellors following the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous does not suit everyone. This is where top, new and modern Alternative Drug Rehab Programs like ours come in.


Our Addiction Treatment Programs have helped thousand of people from all over the world recover since 2012. Our private wellness centre that runs our highly advanced addiction treatment programs, does almost everything differently than a standard drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in South Africa where people from United Kingdom (UK) and other countries are turning to find affordable, world class treatment. The program is an alternative to a drug rehabilitation centre and is aimed at people who do not want clinical, or hospitalisation styled treatments.


Our luxury rehab centre program is well known as a world leading Alternative Drug Rehab Program having a significant, long term impact on many people from across the globe. Since our inception, data shows our Drug Rehabilitation Centre Programs offer superior, professional and passionate addiction recovery that works! So much added value!


The Paradigm Process offers you a 10 step program to heal your life. Backed by scientific evidence that is measurable, we have accumulated from real case studies since 2012, we have developed a way through whatever holds you back. How we found it was profoundly interesting and was the breakthrough we needed for seekers – people looking to actualise their full potential. We jumped into psychology, dipped into philosophy and then studied all the religions around the world. We began to understand how the brain controls the body and how emotions, memory, imagination and potential are all linked.

We then started applying and testing all the principles of healing and life transformation that we discovered and then started applying what worked and began removing what didn’t seem to help cause effective change. The Paradigm Process helped us at our inpatient treatment centre that is a homely beachside wellness centre will double easily the speed of healing in the people we were helping. People from all over the world, suffering all sorts of different emotional and psychological and sometimes physical problems took part. What we found through the work and research was incredible.

For more information about our Drug Rehabilitation Centre Programs get in touch on +27824424779 or email centerforhealingandlife@gmail.com

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