Corporate Mental Health Program

Private programs helping companies to take care of their team’s mental health by transforming burnout and stress into success without boundaries

Mental disorders result in massive amounts of lost productivity each year. While many employers are developing policies to support a healthy workforce, there is no shared vision for mental health in the workplace.

Alexander Forbes, South Africa

Policies, people and work places need to change. Fast.


Depression, Addictions, Anxiety Program

Private. Discreet. Powerful. Providing highly unique and alternative options to depression clinics, and other healing centres and other institutions that may not suit an individuals needs to grow, develop and heal holistically from whatever is holding them back from transforming their personal lives.

Emotional & Mental Health Help

Our treatment team includes top consultants in the field, specialists, psychiatrist, registered social workers and counsellors that work with clients personally to heal quickly and efficiently at the highest possible level. It is the bridge between punitive and clinical mental health facilities and top psychiatric centers that has offered undeniable results since 2012 as a completely private and holistic therapeutic program that is one of the best in the world for achieving mastery over depression, personality issues, addictions and disorders.

HR Training & Custom Wellness Program

We train company leaders in the work place on how to take care of their employee’s mental, emotional and physical health. Client training in mental health is arguably more powerful than undergraduate university work on the subject.

Beyond Boundaries Program

Push to new limits. Find new purpose and meaning in the workplace and learn the art of self regulation on a profound new level. Make your staff a team. Make your team conquerors through our Corporate Mental Health Programs. Invest in taking certain staff members and team leaders to new levels, beyond the boundaries of what they thought was possible.

There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.” ~

Desmond Tutu 

Let’s build something great together.

Did you know some of the stats relating to Corporate Mental Health today :

-50% of workplace accidents are related to
substance abuse.

– 25.6% of South African employees will be diagnosed
with depression over their course of

– Loss of earnings from depression is
estimated at R54 121 an adult a year,
a total of R40 billion (or 2.2%) of the
country’s gross domestic product.

– Government spends only 5% of the health
budget on mental health

– Medical aids only cover depression hospitals for inpatient treatment unlike Private Health Insurance. Most people will never visit a formal hospital for depression.

-Depression, addictions, burnout and stress are highly preventable and treatable in a relatively short space of time. With a certain stigma and fear around mental and emotional health most companies and managers will try to ignore it until it can no longer be contained. This needs to change right now!

The cheapest and shortest route to the solution is an dedicated and focused Corporate Mental Health Program.

Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy) – Clinical Director of Center for Healing and Life Transformation
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