God Realization and Self Actualization in depth.

To help the modern, rapidly emerging world understand that everything is treatable and that we are never stuck, nor should we ever settle for anything less than our best and the best that the world has to offer. Depression, personality, addictions and disorders are highly treatable. People no longer have to suffer what can feel to be an unbearable life of suffering emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually. No one is beyond help. Addictions can be beaten and so can years of anxiety and depression, personality, dual diagnosis, trauma and everything else. We are hardwired for change and healing.

To educate people that they don’t have to wait for a rock bottom to get help. Prevention has always been better than cure. Wherever people are in their lives they should be able to freely and easily connect, learn, heal and recover without stigma or judgement. There is always a corner to turn in life. Our mission is to show people what lies beyond that corner. Don’t stay stuck is our tagline for good reason.

Universal Recovery is our core healing program. It is an all welcome philosophy for ALL people, cultures, religious backgrounds and walks of life. Healing from trauma, addictions, disorders and other mental health issues does not need to look like this or that. Rather, it may look like this AND that. There are more than one way to skin a cat. Universal recovery means that you need no titles, diagnosis’s, no one program that fits all. It is everyone’s right to be able to freely explore treatment options as they explore themselves and self actualize themselves by learning self reliance and God realization. You do not have to follow a psychiatric only path or conversely a holistic path for that matter. It is not an either or path of this science or that religious group, as many fundamentalists may have you believe. It is path A and then a touch of B and, or C. This is what we call Universal Recovery and it is about connection and inclusivity.

To give back by staying connected with the people who heal, recover and renew their lives so that we can create a network offering wisdom, knowledge, insight, experience and faith to the people who need it most. Healing and recovery starter packs, some free or at low cost, should and must be distributed throughout the country, the continent and then the world. Help us do that by partnering with us with your time, finances, wisdom and other resources.

Finally, we will be working with particularly with Medical Aids, Doctors, hospitals, councils, associations and a multitude of mainstream and alternative therapists to help, share, grow and provide empirical information as to what works and what does not – top to bottom in institutions, clinics and centers. Archaic legislation, power mad and impotent officials, greedy center owners and uniformed clients all need help, data, resources and honest information to be able to change policies for the better, from the inside out. This work has already begun in 2020 and we hope to see the fruits of shared knowledge and honest contribution and intentions coming to the fore from most providers and healers.


Interested in helping others? Become a licencee partner, contribute any resource you have or submit donations of any amount to heal people mentally and emotionally, and area for which there is very, very little help available.


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