Private Wellness Centre

Private Wellness Centre

Modern private Wellness and Depression Centre since 2012

We have been helping people all over the world at our Private Wellness Centre heal from depression, anxiety, addictions and burnout for over 10 years. Our team comprises highly experienced specialists in the fields of psychiatry, psychology and everything through to mindfulness that work to provide our clients with some of the very best healing treatment programs in the world.

As a private centre we are the obvious alternative to clinical or medical treatment which is not for everyone. Our professional practitioners are headed up by Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy) and together they create unparalleled results through their therapeutic work with clients. All our business is essentially from word of mouth and people looking for long term healing and recovery need look no further.

Programs at our world renowned Center for Healing and Life Transformation are generally between 30 and 90 days long. The programs are heavily therapy based and help people on 4 essential levels with the physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of themselves.

Beyond Rehabilitation

Mark and his team normally work with people who have tried an array of avenues, centres, clinics and programs before. People who need and want to heal, grow, recover and transform their lives completely, once and for all. If this sounds like you then we are the Private Wellness Centre that you may have been looking for.

Center for Healing and life transformation is a luxurious and private lodge set next to our endless and rolling white sandy beaches on one side, with mountains and forests on the other. Rooms are very private, large and luxurious offering every creature comfort you would need while working on your personal development. At our Wellness Center Retreats you can choose a private villa, private or shared room. The therapeutic work is exceptional and our results over the last decade have helped thousands of people to recover, heal and transform their lives. Everyone does their own individual work on what is hindering their progress, peace and joy the most. There is no one size fits all philosophy here. We do DBT, CBT and combine psychoanalytical and integrative practices from the most modern and powerful programs in the world. Our consultant psychologists, psychiatrists, mindfulness teachers, yoga teachers, specialist counsellors and other team members work together to create a profound healing environment that gives our clients the results they need.

Located on a luxury beachside paradise

Our South African luxury Private Wellness Centre is paradise surrounded by game reserves, mountains and the Knysna forests through to the Indian Ocean’s sandy, white beaches, our area lends itself to the healing process as we nurture through nature. This gives us the best of both worlds. From the Big 5 though to whale and dolphin viewing we have it all. See more of the town we love so much here. Your Wellness Center Retreat not only includes the best therapeutic program in the world, but also gives you the experience of a life time outdoors. Bungee jumping, Horse riding, hikes, Lion and cheetah through to Elephants, restaurants, golf and the list goes on and on.

Private Wellness Centre

Modern Psychiatric Help

Our consultant psychiatrists have been working with us for over 10 years and understand that our clients don’t need run of the mill diagnosis and medications to cope. Our programs take our clients well beyond coping and surviving into thriving. End of story. This is what sets our Private Wellness Centre apart.

Private Wellness Centre

Individualised Treatment Programs

No two clients are doing the same program at the centre. We are not an out dated rehab, nor a clinic, nor resemble a hospital in any way. We are a fully private, super modern powerhouse of highly experienced therapists who make sure to cater 100% to each specific clients individual needs. Something that is not possible in larger formalised institutions. Everything is personalised.

Private Wellness Centre


Located on the water in Plettengerg Bay in luxury and upmarket accommodation, with our own boat for our clients, we have an endless array of activities to do in what is called The Monaco of South Africa. We hike, bike, boat, bungy jump, dine, horse ride, whale watch, Jet ski, mountain climb, picnic and love our beaches. Our program is very much based in nature and nurture.

I came for one month and stayed for five months. My entire life has done a 180% turnaround from my relationships to my career which is what I came to the centre for in the first place. I was unbalanced, out of options and afraid that nothing would ever work for me until I arrived here. There is nothing like this in the world that I know of and I wish I had found it 10 years earlier.

D. Walsch

Private Wellness Centre

Master Your Wellness once and for all

For more information about our Private Wellness Centre programs, offers, daily programs or more please call +27824424779 or email us

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