The ultimate Intelligence is Contemplation

The ultimate Intelligence is Contemplation

What is contemplation? It may be the highest form of intelligence on our planet. At the very least it is self actualization and God realisation at depth. Contemplation is the nature of reality as you may have never experienced it before. The flood of technology and knowledge has made depression, trauma and stress worse. It has decreased our sustainable performance in every area of life from careers, family and even effects the military. PTSD, Trauma, stress and personality disorders are deeper issues that modern day life has taken on us as a generation is that battling more and more to cope each year. The ultimate Intelligence is Contemplation, and yes, it can help you heal these disorders and dis-ease like nothing else you may have tried before.

Moving out of survival mode is how the next generation will self regulate and thrive. Find out more about how contemplative intelligence can change your life around. One of the best courses in the world is available to people with technology developed over the entire span of history from monks, mystics, yogis and now neuroscientists.

Contemplation on a spiritual level

The life of contemplation implies two levels of awareness: first, awareness of the question, and second, awareness of the answer. Though these are two distinct and enormously different levels, yet they are in fact an awareness of the same thing. The question is, itself, the answer. And we ourselves are both. But we cannot know this until we have moved into the second kind of awareness. The ultimate Intelligence is Contemplation and when we awaken, not to find an answer absolutely distinct from the question, but the realize that the question is its own answer. And all is summed up in one awareness – not a proposition, but an experience: ‘I AM’.

Contemplation on a scientific level

Contemplative science allows for a deeper knowledge of mental phenomena, including a wide range of states of consciousness, and its emphasis on strict mental discipline counteracts the effects of conative (intention and desire), attentional, cognitive, and affective imbalances.

Contemplative Science, a term coined by Dr B Alan Wallace, is the bridge between the empirical study of the science of consciousness and the subjective, experiential study of consciousness through contemplation.

The science of consciousness introduces first-person methods of investigating the mind through Buddhist contemplative techniques, such as samatha, an organized, detailed system of training the attention. Just as scientists make observations and conduct experiments with the aid of technology, contemplatives have long tested their own theories with the help of highly developed meditative skills of observation and experimentation. Contemplative science allows for a deeper knowledge of mental phenomena, including a wide range of states of consciousness, and its emphasis on strict mental discipline counteracts the effects of conative (intention and desire), attentional, cognitive, and affective imbalances.

While psychology, and neuroscience have all shed light on the cognitive processes that enable us to survive and flourish, contemplative science offers a groundbreaking perspective for expanding our capacity to realize genuine well-being making us think that the ultimate Intelligence is Contemplation. It also forges a link between the material world and the realm of the subconscious that transcends the traditional science-based understanding of the self.

Contemplate the following:

Our natural state of being is to bask in the radiant joy of peace, love and harmony.

I have within me a higher and a lower nature which are occasionally at odds.

My higher nature thrives on Love while my lower nature struggles with fear. 

As my higher nature becomes increasingly evolved I am able to cultivate 

blissful love as I rise above delusive fear through peaceful contemplation.

Neuoscience Technology

If you’re not as productive as you’d like to be. If you’re stressed, anxious or stuck in your million year old brain. Understand this has probably become a neurological problem over time. This means your psychology has become your biology. The CQ Program, or contemplation program regarding intelligence, will flip the on switch in your minds operating system and help you access the parts of your brain where creativity, focus, passion and insight live. An entirely different area to where anxiety and fear live.

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Published by Mark L Lockwood

Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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