“The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival” Aristotle


The awakening starts off by knowing that our million year old brains are neurologically wired for survival. Survival mentally severely limits growth, creativity and anything that has not been experienced before. Your ego wants you to stop and stay still, and not change. It is logically only doing what it has learned to do. By default this mind keeps us locked into operating only from past experiences. 

Have you ever wondered why the brain itself looks so much like a labyrinth? If we must truly come to ‘know ourselves’ we must find a way to navigate the labyrinth. Contemplative Intelligence is our compass. It is a guide from beyond that holds the correct map. 

Try to imagine arriving in Singapore with a map of London. It wouldn’t do you much good. You would be as afraid and lost as a mind becomes without a guide. This guide is what Contemplative Intelligence calls, enter stage left, Your Sacred Self. 

Your Sacred Self is at odds with your Self concept. A midlife crisis occurs when your self concept starts to fall apart. Albeit necessarily, in order for you to truly transcend yourself and find meaning and purpose in life. Instead of a death or an end, and awakening occurs, and it appears it can take a Dark Night experience or two to activate this experience. Losing an arm to a shark bite changed the life of Rodney Fox. Falling off their bicycles changed the life of famous authors Joe Dispenza and producer Tom Shadyac of Ace Venture fame. 

Eckhardt Tolle navigated a park for years and thought of suicide before his awakening. Renowned author and teacher Byron Katie, checked into an institution and had a cockroach walk over her leg as part of her awakening. Wayne Dyer had a profound experience at his fathers grave, before changing his life and writing a best selling novel just eight days after the awakening experience. Neale Donald Walsh wrote Conversations with God, born out off a desperate awakening that led him to be homeless and penniless first. The list goes on and on. Great awakenings often occur on the other side of hardship, tragedy and trauma. Human suffering and challenge allow us to know the real depths of ourselves, without limit. 

Odds are, your own personal awakening is waiting for you to be hit with your own two-by-four so it can emerge. But, if you listen. If you get quiet, focus and pay attention, you won’t need a two by four experience. This is what Contemplative Intelligence is about. It is about connecting to the part of you, on the other end of your brain, where uncertainty is faith and hardship is only welcomed effort that creates beautiful things for yourself. Things, opportunities, places and experiences that you can also share with others who awaken. This transcendent journey into awakening to self, to what is, is the most important thing in any human life. This completes the circle of an awakened life that we are being pulled and pushed through. 

Reality Testing the Power of Contemplative Intelligence

How can we scientifically test what is real for ourselves? The answer is more simple than you may think. Students who come to our Center for Healing and Life Transformation in South Africa have often been through a life wringer by the time they get to us. Oftentimes they have been to many other centers and have tried many other things looking for an ellusive elixir to their problems. Some have been to Tony Robins, others to the Himalayas. They have searched as far as East meets West for answers and solutions. They have used crystal balls, read cards and tea lives and some have taken hallucinogens. Still the answers they seek allude them. But then something magical happens, it always happens to willing participants, but only every time! They wake up. 

We don’t just wake up once, but it is safe to say that we have an awakening. A Force majeure, moment that comes out of the ether and shifts us from one paradigm to the next. Recognising we have even had that experience is not always clear. People are in such a hurry that they can miss the miracles, tipping points and impasses that life so freely offers us all. Sometimes, in the quiet, we observe people realising that they’re waking up and have been waking up for a while. When they stop the minds endless chatter, the powerful constructs in the mind collapse into dust and they are reborn, enlightened, shifted – pick your own word. 

So how do we know what is real. Contemplation, meditation, yoga and many other practices open us up to many new things. Some real and some imagined. I say to the students that you can see what is real by its nature, and its nature is that it doesn’t change! You can tell what’s real because it stays the same. Sunrise and sunset, nature itself and even Gods words. The concepts, ideas, thoughts and feelings that stick with us. Our core values and needs and our innate truth all never change. So that’s how I do it. Thats how I am coming to know what is true and what isn’t as life reveals itself one sunrise at a time. 

The 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous, developed in the 1930’s that’s helped millions this century recover, where nothing else seemed to work is such an example. The Catholic Church and traditions, have also not changed. Yes, they’re warped for a time, but return to their original state when ego dissolves from it, as it always does. Ego is always impulsively changing. Your sacred self never changes. It is what it is. I AM never changes. 

“most people are either sleep walking through their waking life or wake walking through their sleeping life. either way they’re not getting much out of it.” – Waking Life

You see when you really go into the 12 steps of AA, Don Miguel Ruiz’s 4  Toltec Agreements, N V Peale’s epic Power of Positive thinking book, or the Upanishads and the Torah, you will see that what they say are Universal by nature, just like you. Their truths are enmeshed within each other. When I read and teach the 12 steps today, I may as well be reading the New Testament, the Tao or the Cloud of Unknowing. They are all the same at their unchanging core. Their truths come in many forms but are becoming more and more identical to me the more I study and teach them. 


Catholic for one means Universal! As yoga means union, it includes everyone and everything and has been foolishly interpreted by people riddled in ego-insurgents. They have yet to be heard with a contemplative mind, removed from ego’s darker forces. Because we interpret things like race, religion, yoga and even ourselves, others and God with ego, we do so with a closed, defensive mind. That mind is by default in a F9 war. For these reasons we cannot underestimate the importance of developing contemplative intelligence. The power of contemplative intelligence can take us back one last time to the reality in all things, as we interpret it with a contemplative, open and free mind. It is this practice that will collectively change, or straighten out, the world! Because, when we change the way we look at the world, the world we look at changes. It never changes. 

You will never change, you will only wake up, and re-contemplate everything once more, with a new loving and contemplative mind rather than an obsessive and fearful mind. A new you and a new earth 🌍 are unfolding; emerging. Everything changes and nothing changes, and you can take that to the bank! Veritas Aequitas 🙏🏻

You will never change

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Published by Mark L Lockwood

Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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