Depression is highly treatable. First know that you will have to treat it. Not a therapist or doctor or anyone else – only you. The therapists and doctors can guide and point you in the right direction but, just like a child needs to grow up and become autonomous in many ways, so you will have to do the same thing with taking responsibility for your healing process. Second know that depression treatment systems like ours and others are beyond effective today and are available to all who are willing to get well. No exceptions!

We are a nation and a world that has changed significantly over the last several decades. Life has sped up and we have burnt out as a result. We are pressed for time, money and pursue several opportunities at once. We burn the candle at both ends and we suffer the consequences of our actions without knowing where we were headed. Suffering comes in the shape of depression, anxiety, disorder and dis-ease to help us shift our thinking and change our lives around. These things come to stop us from staying small minded and closed off to what matters in life the most. In other words life itself comes to help us change, regardless of how stubborn or addicted to our thinking we may be. When we suffer we then tend to grow. When we become sick and tired of being sick and tired we open up to new possibilities. You can change everything around in a short space of time. We have found the system of healing and have seen it work for thousands of people over the last 12 years. CQM deep healing Meditations, contemplative practice and following a process of awakening can shift your life around completely. Here are 10 TIPS FOR HEALING DEPRESSION to get you started.

  1. Eat healthily. Drink lots of water. Make sure you eat plenty of omega-3.
  2. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walking is still the best exercise a human being can do. Like reading and writing are amazing tools for the brain, so walking is for the body, heart, mind. The sunlight, fresh air and visual stimulus will benefit you as well. You will also sleep better.
  3. Do reading and writing activities twice a day. Buy that journal and wrote do people who inspire you and learn from them. Don’t just listen to them, study them.
  4. Meditate twice a day for 20 minutes each time. Use our meditation playlist. Meditate while you walk with a walking meditation. Put yourself to work #selfwork and get the benefits of that work.
  5. Insist on living only 1 day at a time. ‘Just for today’ is an affirmation that you should make a habit to use all the time. Each day has enough worry of its own. The present moment is very powerful so forget the past and leave the future alone. Live in the now, 1 day at a time.
  6. Connect with nature, other people and yourself. In this way you will find meaning in life. Take a risk to smile at others and greet them. Pat the dogs you pass and notice the tress, birds and sunsets. Touch water, sand, trees and animals as much as possible. There is power in these connections. Call or message people everyday, like meaningful posts and share them and expect nothing in return.
  7. Find what Mark calls ‘certainty in change’. You need a strong sense of safety, security and certainty of who you are deep down inside. There can be no change at all without certainty that you can manage the uncertainty of life as it unfolds. You will always be ok, if not great. You will always be able to feed yourself and nurture yourself if you really have to. Take solace in that. Build from here. Use the CQM meditations to help you embrace uncertainty and move out of the addictive past.
  8. Work the quintuple T’s. Three Things To Transform Today. Start everyday with jotting down 3 things you can go above today. JFT (just for today). They will add up to something significant over time. Never doubt that putting a few pieces of a puzzle together everyday can create a clear picture of your future reality.

9. Notice and wake up to your internal dialogue. Don’t perpetuate a negative attitude and then expect positive results. The math won’t work. Change what you talk about. Stop gossiping, badmouthing and doomsday chatting with or about people. Think more positively whenever you remember to do so and you will slowly shift you energy, thoughts and emotions around in a positive way. Have a ‘this too shall pass’ mentality instead of being addicted to negativity, which is highly addictive in itself. Avoid black and white thinking because life is not all bad or all good. Find the magical spaces in between these thoughts.

10. Be grateful and give back. As you wake up so thank you 3 times for another chance at finding contentment and joy. Hear a bird tweet, see a red rose, joy on someones face, a happy dog or come across an inspirational song or twee; thank you, thank you, thank you. Meditate and say thank you three times. Eat breakfast and do the same. Give someone an old sweater or a tin of food and they will say thank you to you. Then you will see the miracle of how the universe works. The miracles of balance with Yin and Yang. Blessings to you as you try these 10 TIPS FOR HEALING DEPRESSION and see the change for yourself. #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #selfcare #anxiety #selflove #love #depression #motivation #health #mentalhealthmatters #wellness #mindfulness #healing #loveyourself #therapy #inspiration

Tell me How to deal with Depression right now

Your heart needs to be open and activated. This is first. If your mind is stuck your intellect is not going to help you enough. When you open your heart the research shows that new energy moves to your brain, to the receptors there that activate awe and wonder and inspiration. So activating empathy even if you fake it at first is a good start. How do you fake it? Use your imagination rather than your memory. Your memory is what you were yesterday so get rid of it. Shift towards the new and towards imagination. Towards assuming the feelings in your body, not mind, of the wish you want fulfilled. If you do that often enough you will heal and meditation and contemplation will fast track this process one thousand fold.

Then chase joy, peace and happiness. Then become those things. It is entirely possible to change and then transform your life in a relatively short period of 6-8 weeks as the research unequivocally shows. Find a system of working through the depression, anxiety, personality issues and whatever else you deal with.

Each individual needs to make their own treatment calls for themselves and do a multidimensional analysis on themselves and hit their problem with everything that they have. However, if you want to get from point A to point B change needs to happen. You will have to use the 10 TIPS FOR HEALING DEPRESSION and not just read them! Not the idea or possibility of change but actual observable, behavioural change that makes your life better. How to understand this practically is to understand that when a person is kind and helps another person, another part of the brain switches on. New chemicals fire. Change happens even if one a minimal scale. When you admire people or the world or alternatively despise them, you get a different result. You become a different person over time. Depression can be the result of these minimal catastrophes that build up to meaninglessness and hopelessness over time.

Incorporate the 10 TIPS FOR HEALING DEPRESSION into your daily life and do the work. Start the CQM meditations, join an event or come to The Center. Don’t stay stuck. You and your life are far too valuable to squander on low moods. We are lucky, no longer do we have to guess or wonder if people can get well. We have seen it happen over the last 23 years and even more profoundly since we started the work on activating your Contemplative Intelligence, or meta-thinking. You can heal your life. all you need to do is walk through it and do what needs to be done to become a person who contributes to this life with meaning and fulfilment in everyday life.

Healing Meditation for Depression

For more information on 10 TIPS FOR HEALING DEPRESSION or how to get started in changing your life around. Visit the shop, start a course…..do (verb) something wonderful for yourself and get going.


Published by Mark L Lockwood

Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.


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