Corporate Coaching Retreat

Corporate Coaching Retreat

The Center developed a top Corporate Coaching Retreat in South Africa for companies, teams and even individuals who want to function, focus and perform at their best. Gone are the days of a corporate retreat with games, fun and activities alone. We have a next level team of professionals, headed up by Mark L Lockwood who have worked together since 2012 and have doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, life coaches and strategists and then a team of skilled holistic professionals that provide the breath work, mindfulness skills, the yoga, CQ Meditations for enhanced energy and performance and other high grade personal developmental tools. We go all the way with our clients actually making money, nurturing staff and resources and creating growth opportunities beyond measure.

Our clients are hugely dynamic and they now want concrete results they can measure quickly and easily. Without providing results for increased mental, emotional and physical performance we know they won’t be back each year. So that’s what we give them at a level you cannot easily fathom!

Mark L Lockwood BA(hons)(psy) – Corporate Coaching Retreat SA Founder

Private programs helping companies AND STAFF to take care of their team’s mental, EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL health for peak performance by transforming burnout and stress into success without boundaries. All of this done in the paradise of the Garden Route South Africa, an unparalleled level of comfort, tranquility and style in the midst of the very best of South African landscapes where the Big 5 and the Ocean meet.

Corporate Coaching Retreat

Master the art of combining essential relaxation with focused action

Push to new limits. Find new purpose and meaning in the workplace and learn the art of self regulation on a profound new level. Make your staff a team. Make your team conquerors through our Corporate Mental Health Programs. Invest in taking certain staff members and team leaders to new levels, beyond the boundaries of what they thought was possible.

  • Teams or individuals on all Corporate Mental Health Programs
  • Individually designed programs
  • Moving 20 percentage points up in productivity through learning the art of mindfulness, Contemplative thinking practices, walking meditations and the 10 Paradigm Process pathways for actualising our ultimate potential.
  • Luxury accommodation in the paradise of Plettenberg Bay
  • Mark and his team of corporate psychologists, psychiatrist and holistic health and healing practitioners work together towards achieving nothing less than Massive results for clients.
  • Extended support programs for the workplace
  • Advanced techniques from our CQ program of awakening the giant within

Other Corporate Coaching Retreat SA services include:

  • Business coaching of individuals and small teams
  • Psychological, emotional and physical support for burnout and stress related issues including addictions, depression, personality issues and more by our professional and experienced team, working with illness and disability etc.
  • Tailor Made business coaching courses by Mark and his team of 10
  • Business, Life and Wealth mastery courses for executives and teams

Private programs and executive corporate retreats that help dynamic companies to take care of their team’s comprehensive health for peak performance by transforming burnout and stress into success without boundaries.

An exhilarating experience for your whole team and or individuals

Our aim is to help corporates understand the complexity of the mind and emotions and how they can use that in the workplace and with clients, teams and others.

Do the body, heart brain math! Help your staff to become empathic, increase your productivity by engaging from the HEART. Learn how Body, Heart and Mind need to work together to sustain effective productivity and break the bounds of what we think is possible for us.

Corporate Coaching Retreat

Traditional Corporate retreats are a time away from the office that is meant to encourage team building, boost morale, and can allow employees some rest and relaxation to help avoid burnout at work. These are great but they are not enough in todays world. We take it 100X steps further than making people do trust falls and walk over hot coals. WE BUILD THE Whole person, then the team, then the company itself.

Corporate Coaching Retreat

For more information about our Corporate Coaching Retreat, our individual or group retreats and corporate performance solutions please get in touch today or call +27824424779.


Published by Mark L Lockwood

Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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