Top Wellness centre in South Africa

Top Wellness centre in South Africa

There are very few places one can go to get they help they need to heal, renew and recover deeply from emotional, psychological and traumatic issues. We have developed the Top Wellness centre in South Africa since 2012 into a homely place where people can heal, recover and renew their lives with a team of professional psychologists and counsellors, mindfulness teachers etc. that bring about much needed results.

Top Wellness centre in South Africa we do inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, sessions, long stays and short stays. We do epic and intense healing events a couple of times a year. Everyone at our centre is doing something different and working in something unique. There is perhaps no place quite like this on earth. Set against the cliffs and beaches of the Indian Ocean with its whales, dolphins and watery beauty on one side and then lined with the Big 5 elephants, lions and cheetah’s etc on the other side we have a location that is tough to beat.


Our only goal is to have people liberate themselves from the nightmares that they experience in their lives. Depression, unworthiness and shame all add up to personality disorders and dis-ease’s sooner or later. So why wait for a rock bottom. The time for change has always been now. The things we treat the most are:

BORDERLINE PERSONALITY AND OTHER DISORDERS – Hells bells. The new pace, state and energy on the world today has grasped so many people with personality disorders. Look. Most or all of them are treatable and half are highly, highly treatable. There is no longer a need for people to stay stuck in dis-ease. The problem is that they don’t know they have these issues. Thats our job. If life ain’t working well, get into a good treatment program at a wellness centre and do the work to set yourself free from whatever holds you back.

STRESS – Divorce, job loss, grief, trauma, codependence, burnout, meaninglessness and depression all cause a snow ball effect at some stage. We have to go through our issues and not around them. Life wills out sooner or later. This abyss we all have to cross from what doesn’t work to what works is called transformation, a paradigm shift or an awakening experience for me. Others call it recovery, remission, wellness, mindfulness and just simply healing.

PATHWAYS ADDICTION TREATMENT PROGRAM – We have established a ground breaking addiction treatment program that was established in 2012 and has helped thousands of people to recovery from addictions like eating disorders, alcohol and substance addictions, codependency and of course emotional addictions. It offers an alternative to a drug rehab centre which you can do at our wellness centre or from anywhere in the world.

  • Depression, Anxiety, Trauma and Stress
  • Personality and mood disorders
  • Emotional and Mental Health issues
  • Mastery University – Find meaning and purpose in your life
  • Corporate Mental Health Program
  • Youth and Adolescent Development Program

To inquire about our Top Wellness centre in South Africa and a program that is right for you, get in touch today +27824424779 or email


Published by Mark L Lockwood

Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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