A new world. A new Brand name

ANNOUNCEMENT: A new world. A new Brand name

Welcome to our new brand name launch 
Center for Healing and Life Transformation

Established in 2012, Pathways Plett Rehab and The Sanctuary Wellness Center now fall under one banner, as we lead the way to be one of the first private Mental Health service providers equipped to serve Addiction, Depression, Anxiety and Dual disorders under one unique umbrella. So we are remaining the same, but growing the brand, merging therapies and thinking, feeling and actioning without limit.

Our therapeutic frameworks have moved away from the worlds 5-20% success rates of rehabs offering the community method of teaching AA, through the Minnesota model of recovery, as we add newer therapies and include spiritual, mindfulness and scientific teachings to our brand of total and utter life transformation. We don’t want to let go of this worldwide work, we rather want to add to it.Our aim As Center for Healing and Life Transformation is to be the bridge between rehab and psychiatric or institutional care in a way that is far, far less clinical, but deeper an more personal and importantly more accessible to more people. People who would never want to check into an “institution” but who are tired of the depression, the life-blocks….the psychological and emotional stress that is very much a part of the world we navigate, live, work and heal in today.


It is a new world, forever changed and forever changing at a rocket like pace. We are adamant not to fall behind, to ever become complacent or overwhelmed….in fact we are ready to work in and outside of this new Universal box. The unique thing we have to offer is this. A heavy scientific base, our foundation in the human sciences and other sciences that underlies our experiential, spiritually based healing work. Without the grounding of the humanities, the 12 steps and other proven scientific approaches we could not even begin to contemplate the new work we provide therapeutically. 

Pathways Addiction Treatment Program will still be the name of our course work for clients who are looking to recover from, maintain and support their work living a clean and sober lifestyle. We move entirely away from a drug rehab centre approach, into our private therapy based model, that knows no limits. Our registered counselling team think outside of the box, fitting square pegs into round holes, with our new model and approach guiding their treatment plans and approaches, as we still work as a close nit multi disciplinary team. The course work we have developed is second to none, and up there with the worlds best programs. The Sanctuary Programs and packages will be the namesake of our emotions, psychology, wellness and spirituality work done by the Center. These brands will simply now fall under the umbrella of Center for Healing and Life Transformation both online and on location. Clients will fall into their category and a detailed treatment plan, that aims for the sky and beyond, will be implemented to see that they accomplish their treatment goals. One thing we have on our side now, is a host of empirical evidence showing that the mind, body, spiritual work – works! Almost all our clients, who want recovery maintain long term connections with the company and it’s therapists. So we will keep it simple and miraculous at the same time and build then on what works.

Recovery and Wellness have come back Together with this new pioneering brand. Affording clients a drug recovery centre experience, or a Mental Health experience without having to go to a psychiatric centre or Minnesota styled drug rehab centre, that may not work for their particular or individual needs. No need to  wait for rock bottom or crisis any longer. Now, people don’t need to stay stuck with depression, anxiety or addictions no matter where they are on their journey.


We’ve never been the types to either comply to standard or sub-standard norms, nor have we ever fallen into complacency. We have seen people and their needs change. We have seen disorder and dis-ease figures worldwide soar. The idea of this change came about a few years back, when we saw the minimal recovery figures that were being pushed at us to follow. Clients were telling us how they had been to 5 or more centers without lasting success. Others were detailing addictions to prescription meds they had been re-prescribed until addictions and the inevitable hopelessness crept in. Ten years ago many were against our broader therapeutic philosophies, based on the science and built on the spirituality of inner work. Today, many are scrambling to follow suit, having seen the fruits themselves.


God Realization and Self Actualization in depth.

To help the modern, rapidly emerging world understand that everything is treatable and that we are never stuck, nor should we ever settle for anything less than our best and the best that the world has to offer. Depression, personality, addictions and disorders are highly treatable. People no longer have to suffer what can feel to be an unbearable life of suffering emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually. No one is beyond help. Addictions can be beaten and so can years of anxiety and depression, personality, dual diagnosis, trauma and everything else. We are hardwired for change and healing. We focus on educating, giving back, informing and building data driven changes in a short space of time that are felt on the ground in the mental health sectors. More on our missions and commissions here.


We invite you to connect with us. Be a part of the work we do. We have always been open to sharing, collaborating and partnering with the right people and organisations. Together we can do so much more to manage this new and changing world. 

`Check out our partner and contributions pages here and connect with us.

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Published by Mark L Lockwood

Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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